Do I Need PR

Whatever line of business you are in, whether you are selling to consumers or to other businesses, PR offers you huge potential to promote your products and services to potential buyers – and the coverage you get is absolutely FREE.

Why PR?

A business that has mastered PR has a huge competitive advantage. It knows how to get hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of promotional exposure, year in year out, in the very media that will reach its customers, and that coverage does not cost a thing!

There isn’t a business in existence that therefore doesn’t need PR. To see what we mean scan the checklist below. If you say yes to any of these YOU need PR.

Why every small business needs PR

PR is perfect if you:

  • Want to grow your business
  • Want to protect market share
  • Have products or services to promote
  • Need to move into new markets
  • Want to attract commercial partners or investors
  • Want to impress and reassure customers that they are using the best
  • Want to fight off competition
  • Are fed up of seeing your competitors in print or on the Web
  • Want to attract potential employees
  • Need to win over your local community

Won’t advertising do the same?

No. Sure you can have hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of advertising but – and here’s the rub – that advertising will cost hundreds of thousands of pounds! Few businesses can afford to advertise on that scale, and even if they can, that advertising still won’t reach everyone it needs to reach.

In stark contrast, PR simply costs the time of the person doing the PR. If that’s you or a person you already employ, who we have equipped, the cost to your business is negligible. What’s more with PR you can target EVERY element of the media at no extra cost, so no one is missed.

Added to these cost benefits, advertising is not as powerful as PR. The reader knows they are being advertised to, and they simply are not impressed by it.

The editorial endorsement of PR is so powerful that a page of PR coverage is worth
3-5 times a page of advertising

With PR, the media is writing about you because you have persuaded them through your PR know-how that you are newsworthy, interesting and credible. As a result you get the endorsement of the editor – that’s incredibly powerful. We’ll go further than that, it’s priceless.

The editorial endorsement of PR is so powerful that a page of PR coverage is worth 3-5 times a page of advertising, and you don’t need to buy the space.